My QAF Fanfic Recs


I thought i’d make a post (which will be linked to on my tumblr!) of all my fanfic recs! I started watching QAF US in October 2011 and had finished the series by early December. Since December, i’ve devoured hundreds of fics of all sorts and i was just thinking the other day about how (when i was new to the fandom) long it took me to find new good fics. Because you have no idea what sites to go to or what authors to go to! So here’s recs. (For any of you who are Torchwood fans as well, i have a bonus Torchwood fic at the end as it is my all time favourite TW fic that i recomend to everyone!)

Links are provided where possible but others will have to be found yourself or downloaded through Get It Here’s Lost Fic Website.

I’m going to divide it into ‘Sites to Check Out’, ‘All Time Favourites’, ‘Worth a Read One Shots’ and Worth a Read Chaptered Fics’.

Sites To Check Out

Get It HereIf you’re looking for a particular fic or a particular type of fic, this is the place to go!

BJFicA place where a selection of authors post up their latest work. A good place to discover new authors!

Queer EyesA mirror site of an old website that has been around since basically the beginning of QAF. Lots of classic fics and authors here.

Authors to Check Out (Who Aren’t Mentioned in the Following Rec List For One Reason or Another)

Danny’s Obsession Please go check out Danny’s fics. Some of the first fics I read in this fandom and still some of my favourites. The reason they aren’t specifically mentioned in the list is because ALL his fics are good. Mainly fics revolving around specific episodes.

Ethan (Xhale Slowly)Gapfillers and one shots. I didn’t include these in the list because I don’t have specific favourites. I enjoy most of them. Classic author.

HeelsOverHeadGreat gapfillers!

All Time Favourites

Kiss Me Alright by CleverDevil -

Summary:An AU. Autistic Justin Taylor (18) gets transferred from the youth psychiatry/Harrisburg to St. James, an institution for mentally ill people in Pittsburgh….and Justin is really concerned because the new tower is so much higher than the last one and how should the prince ever be able to find him now? A story about the love for a very special person and how to look at the world with different eyes.

This is my fave QAF fanfic ever! I suppose it’s not for everyone and i know some people have problems with it, and i myself was skeptical at first when i read the summary as i thought it might be done insensitively. But it is SO well done, i cannot fault it!

A Thousand Beautiful Things by Lemon_Bar

Summary: Between his infuriatingly understanding therapist; ‘the gang’ who still insisted, despite his vociferous protests, that he was a part of them; nurses who glared at him for being such a shit, and apparently mistreating their most sacred patient (Justin, his poor mute, helpless roommate), and Justin, not to mention the nightmares he suffered nightly — Brian severely wondered if perhaps choosing a prison sentence might have been easier on him than the fresh hell that was Liberty Hospital.

Confused by Princess Kirsty

Summary: Justin (still an intern at Vanguard) has had a long and tiring day. What will happen when he senses Brian’s presence.

Pretending by Lindtti

Summary: What happened after Brian’s Dad’s funeral? Justin wants to help.

It was so hard to try and make a summary for this one shot but it is seriously amazing. I don’t want to spoil it but it is such an amazing season 1 look into their relationship. Check out the rest of this authors work too!

How To Improve A Lousy Day by Film Lover

Summary: Brian likes Justin’s uniform (a 105 gap-filler) (In 105, Justin stayed at Brian’s loft (presumably on the couch) the night his mother came looking for him at Woody’s. The next day, Telson stopped by Brian’s office and told him he wanted to go to Babylon, and Brian took him there that night… we never find out where Justin was that night. Jennifer found Justin outside of his school the following day. I wanted an explanation as to where Justin went that second night.)

In The Palm Of His Hand by Vamphile

Summary: Classical Conditioning Works

For some reason this is one of the sexiest fics i’ve ever read in this fandom! It’s not the sex itself that does it, it’s just the concept. Justin has basically (unknowingly to Brian) conditioned Brian to cum when he presses down on a certain part of his hand. It’s short and i can’t recomend it enough! Vamphile is also one of this fandom’s classic authors.

Sleeping With The Enemy by Suzoy

Summary: Mel has had a falling out with Lindsay and has turned up at Brian’s door needing a place to stay.

Love love love this fic! I especially loved that it was from Mel’s pov as she’s really underused in fic. Plus I’m a sucker for ‘other people’s pov on the Brian/Justin relationship’ fics!

Teacher Fic by Rachel Anton and Laura

Summary: Justin is a 29 year old economics teacher whose not a fan of economics and not a fan of teaching. Brian is a 17 year old pupil in his class.

This is the classic teacher!fic in this fandom and an absolute favourite. Even though the ages of the characters are reversed, they are still very much ‘Justin’ and ‘Brian’ which is good because I’m not a fan of those ‘personality and age swap’ fics.

Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush by Concerned Lily

Summary: A fic inspired by the quote

‘You let him use your toothbrush?”
“I have a supply.”

~ Debbie and Brian, 111

Let’s Here It for The Boy by LennonGirl

Summary: During the last few days, I had seriously considered the possibility of letting Justin top me. (set during season 1)

From the summary alone you might think this fic is going to be some huge out of character mess seeing as its set in season 1, but it’s the complete opposite! All this authors fics are insanely good, but this is my favourite.

Little Boy Found

Summary: What happened on the way home from New York in 1.10?

This is a really old fanfic actually if I remember rightly and a classic 1.10 fic. It includes the whole gang (obviously only the ones who were on the roadtrip!) and each and every character is so perfectly done for this place in season 1.

Firsts by Peri

Summary: Brian’s thoughts after the ‘it was love to me’ scene in 4.01

This is a beautiful fic but there is one scene that makes it a favourite. It contains a heartbreaking flashback to episode 1.21 to what happened after Justin confronted Brian about New York where Brian comforts Justin. It’s a moment I’ve never actually seen covered in fanfic before, and its one of my favourite scenes!

Whore In A Hoody by Vamphile

Summary: Justin is a 17 year old hustler with a really disturbing view on life. Brian can’t resist trying to help him.

A classic fic by a classic author and one I so nearly ignored! The fic is written in a (LONG) series of drabbles, which when I read that it put me off because I didn’t like the idea of a story made up of disconnected drabbles, but this NOT how it is done. The drabbles add a depth to the story and give you an insight into both characters minds and it is so emotional.

Miss You by Triciaqaf

Summary: Gapfiller (of sorts) for the end of 304. Assumes mostly canon, but goes AU since we know 308 was supposed to be the first time they got together again. Or do we…? Who knows what happened between episodes? ;)

Hell Is Other People by Shannon Marie

Summary: Sixteen year old Michael babysits ten year old Justin (AU) . Warning Underage sex.

This fic is told from Michael’s pov (if you don’t like his character, don’t let it put you off the fic. He’s in character without being irritating) which works really well. There’s something about this fic that i can’t put my finger on. Morally, you’re not supposed to like it but it’s not squicky or uncomfortable (atleast i don’t find it so). It’s handled very well. You can just understand Brian’s dilemma.

Healing Hands by Severina

Summary: The boys, their friends, PFLAG, and baseball.

Set during that timeframe when Justin’s still dealing with the bashing. Potective!Brian. It’s cute without being overly fluffy and it’s in character.

Morning Moments by Arianette

Summary: Takes place in between ep313 and the season 3 finale. Justin observes a sleeping Brian and the changes in their relationship. What happens when Brian wakes up?

Beautifully done and in character. You can tell it was written before the series had finished, but it is still very fitting. And it’s adorable.

A Battle Scar Or Two by Vamphile (warning for self harm)

Summary: Justin has made a mistake in Ethan. His pain is managable, sort of, until Brian finds out how he’s managing it.

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